​Mindful children:

Boxing class with Fahima Falak - The First Emirati Female Boxer 

A program, designed to teach children self-confidence, focus, resilience and self-awareness.

Take the first step to your child’s development and success at woohoo! And join Mindful Children: Boxing class with Fahima classes this September.

The greatest gift we can give our children is empowering them with self-awareness. When children learn about themselves at an early age, all the challenges that come up in life will be easier to deal with. This helps them bounce back faster, identify opportunities, and make better choices which will help them improve their skills in school and life as well. 

Mindful Children is a customized fitness and wellness program, conducted by the first Emirati female boxer – Fahima Falak. Our young guests will learn boxing techniques, as well as participate in different educational and interactive games. This will help children build their self-confidence, focus and develop their soft skills while being physically active. 

"Boxing isn’t about fighting, it is about
becoming better than you were and learning 
the self-discipline to be that person every day,
to focus on your own power"     -Fahima

During Fahima's early years, the female Emirati boxer was hooked by martial arts and boxing. Our young guests will learn boxing techniques at woo-hoo! as well as participate in different educational and interactive games.